Welcome to the AkeaBLAST!
The Healthy Weight Loss Revolution

Finally…weight loss that actually works! NO counting calories, NO cutting carbs or fat, NO pills and capsules and NO meal plans. In fact, you can eat normally the vast majority of the time. The AkeaBLAST is a healthy weight loss cleanse that will help you lose weight, increase energy, curb your appetite and crush your cravings. With AkeaBLAST you can lose weight…and keep the weight off while Blasting your cells with over 30 organic superfoods, probiotics, minerals and enzymes.

97% of participants lose 5-10 pounds…in just the first three days.

Comments from actual participants:

“Easiest 7 pounds I ever lost!”

“I had great energy the whole time and I was never hungry.”

“All of my cravings are completely gone!”

Let’s face it, losing weight is something we all want to do. But how do we do it and maintain optimal health? Until now there hasn’t been a way to lose weight while feeding our cells with the nutrition we need. The AkeaBLAST is a revolutionary weight loss cleanse–think of it as a day spa for your cells. Rather than pampering your skin and nails, the AkeaBLAST cleanses your body from within while blasting your cells with organic, fermented nutrition. This allows your cells to rest and rejuvenate, leaving you refreshed and energetic–all the while losing weight!

3-2-1 AkeaBLAST for Weight Loss:

We call it 3-2-1 because your first Blast! is for a period of three days, followed by your second Blast! the following week for two days. Continue to Blast! for two consecutive or non-consecutive days each week until you achieve your weight loss goal. Once you reach your ideal weight, Blast! one day periodically to maintain your ideal weight. 3-2-1. On non-Blast! days take Akea Essentials twice per day to keep your energy level high and your appetite and cravings low.

People everywhere are discovering
the future of healthy weight loss.

These are their stories…

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